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Syncing stopped working


When I use Outlook 2007 in online mode (local caching disabled) the EntryID for recurring events started 3 months ago cannot be retrieved due to COM error "... lost due to Outlook reconnecting to Exchange". This is not a one time error it is permanent. Once it starts happenning synchronization can no longer proceed from the account ever (or maybe at least until the offending entry is deleted, or Outlook settings are modified to use local caching - which in my case causes some items to be sent randomly and automatically to the Junk folder even though Junk filtering is disabled and the corporate server has a different method of flagging suspected spam). There is no indication of course, which is the entry with the problem in the log or GUI. Debugging the code helped me find the root cause.
May I suggest using the GlobalAppointmentID instead of the EntryID property to identify appointments? This property seems to be always available. Enabling local caching, as I mentioned resolved this problem, but at least for me it creates others.