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UI is Blocking until Background Work


Hey guys,

first of all, this plugin works very well. I already developed an outlook sync tool but I gave it up until the API changes are in a very high frequent.

I found a major problem within the application. All handler are implemented in a synchronous way. The problem occurs if an UI-event takes time (e.g. if you click sync and Outlook is not started, web request takes long time etc..). Maybe it's possible to use the TPL of .NET 4.x to handle this issue. You can work with async/await right into the click-handler to prevent a blocking and crashing UI.

I looked into the source and I think you can implement it very fast if it's possible to use .NET 4.x. For each external (resource) call there is a corresponding async method available in .NET 4.x which decouples the long taking call from the UI-Thread and sync it back if you need to update UI-elements.

Maybe you can spend some time to investigate it.

Furthermore nice work and good success for the future.



akankshagaur wrote Apr 1, 2015 at 9:49 AM

You can try Calendar Sync. Plus You can download the Zip (Portable) too.
It supports Outlook->Google,Google-> Outlook and Outlook <=> Google, multiple profile syncs.
It uses Task library to process syncing so UI remains active